Monday, March 25, 2002

Is the grass greener?

I thought that I'd come home tonight, check my e-mail, respond to some comments on the photo albums & then disconnect, go get some Thai takeaway with Ms S and settle in for a night of gawking at the a-list talent at the Oscars.

I will go & get the Thai soon, and the tape so I can tape the awards for Olivia, but right now I'm caught in a web site I came across via Metafilter.

I have a lot of female friends, a couple of them like to think and talk about all sorts of things, a couple of them read erotic fiction (there may even be some overlap there) and it is for them that I link to the Soapboxgirls. Why? Because these are a couple of girls who like to think and write too, and this issue is about, well, go over there & read it because if I write the P word I'll get more hits looking for all sorts of stuff that clearly isn't here (the Archives look like they're worth a look too).

And the guys might get some new insights into the minds of the enigmatic other half.

Posted by Dean @ 3/25/2002 06:50:00 pm

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