Sunday, June 30, 2002


The pressure was on. My boss needed the info before the weekend, but I didn't have it all in the system, so in the process of getting it all in I became quite snappy - people left me alone, with good reason.

I got out of the office sometime between 6 and 6.30, headed into Civic, wandered around some shops and then hooked up with Ross and a couple of his friends at Toast, a place that's just opened up above the Electric Shadows cinema. I'd been told it was a jazz club, but it was too well lit and not smokey enough to be a jazz club, and there was a folk trio playing... We stayed for a drink, chatted about nothing in particular, and watched people by the pool tables before exiting to get back to Ross' car before the evil parking inspectors delivered a parking ticket.

Home again, quickly changed and it's off to the pub. TJ was having the second in a series of farewells & was merry, to say the least. There were a whole bunch of grads there too, then Capt Jeff showed up, then I ran into Olly - every time I turned around someone I knew had walked in. Friday night was much like any other night at the pub, but it seemed to end earlier than usual, probably because we were to play soccer football the next morning. I'm very happy that a hot dog vendors recently set up just outside the door of the pub - walking home in the cold isn't so bad when you've got a hot dog with onions and drowned in mustard...


It was my first game playing for the BB Cup. I joined Team McCracken/Lawler to battle for the glorious ownership of the "Happy Christmas 1970 Dr Ovington" Cup Plate Shield, and am happy to report I got the first goal. Playing 5-a-side the score was 2-2 when we went into Golden Goal time in the third half (which should give you some indication of how seriously we take the game). Unfortunately Team Biggs scored, and the better team lost. After the game it was off to Filthies for the traditional half pint of vitamin b before breakfast and buckets of coke at The Durham.

The afternoon was spent at the McCracken residence continuing the Teen Movie Fest, this week featuring Heathers, Can't Hardly Wait (back by popular demand) and Better Off Dead. I scared the masses with my attempt at injury repair with my massage stick and Deep Heat, but eventually Kat came around and gave it a go. Throw in some Portia's, a few rounds of Grand Theft Auto 3 and it was a pretty good day all in all.


So far I've cleaned up the place and done some food shopping for the week. I'm going to copy my housemate's idea and cook up the weeks main meals today, package them up and do all the cleaning up so that all I have to do when I come home tired from work (which I will) I'll only have to reheat the meals.

Tonight it's off to the pub for the World Cup Final - we're going to have to go early to get decent seats in front of the tv...

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