Monday, July 01, 2002

I've decided that this is going to be a good week. Even though I'm going to be hellishly busy at work, I've got Olivia and Emma's Fame show on Thursday night, then we're all doing a Christmas-in-July dinner on Saturday, which'll be a nice change from the pub.


So Pete's won the cash; I'm happy that he & the kids don't have to worry about the mortgage, but was using his parents' death the right tactic to use to get the money? If that wasn't a factor would he have won? I don't think so; he strikes me as a bit of a personality vaccum, but then again, if it hadn't have happened would he have gone into the house at all?


The Osbournes looks fucked up, but strangely addictive. Damn you Channel Ten programmers!



Muffins, check. Curried sausages, check. Spag bol, check.

I cooked all of my lunches & dinners for the week, muffins for morning/afternoon tea & whenever I wanted a snack. I cleaned up most of the mess (is there anyone who cleans up every bit of mess after every meal all the time?) and headed up to the pub to meet the gang and claim our pub real estate.

The pub didn't fill as quick as I expected, but by game time people were having to move quick to claim a seat. Kat had bet her tipping comp points on Germany, so we were barracking for them. The rest of the pub seemed to be cheering for Brazil, so at least some people went home happy.

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