Monday, July 22, 2002

Weekend Wrap-Up


It was the "time apart is good" weekend with Ms S, Louise and Big Kev away in Sydney. Friday night at the pub was quieter than usual with T-bone also not in attendance (at a work dinner). In a sharing arrangement, Sydney sent us Rolf (?) and Liz. Ms O showed up part way through the evening with two Fame co-stars. One took full advantage of the pizza sharing arrangements, while the other lobbied for the singing of showtunes, but couldn't think of any herself.


Round 6 of the Happy Christmas Professor Ovington 1970 Cup Plate Shield soccer comp saw Team Red get up over Team White (huzzah!) in an as yet unseen goal frenzy (5-3).

The group was split for post-game activities with only a small group moving to The Durham for breakfast, where Surly Gus played up to the crowd, and T-bone and the Pawnstar made a failed attempt at a hit with cap guns; all they got was a wailing baby at the next table. Post-apologies, Chris & I headed around to the newsagent for cap guns (after being thwarted at the IGA) and returned to Filthys for some retribution. Mission accomplished.

T-bone and Pawnstar did manage to complete the Thermonuclear Fruit Loops Challenge, which involved bowls of Fruit Loops and beer and shot chasers. The rest of the afternoon was spent at Filthys, with the call every half-hour of "So what are we going to do today?". At 6pm it was retrospectively decided that we were to spend the afternoon in the pub discussing activity options over continuous rounds of beer.

Saturday night I caught up with Dirty Bob. We ate at the Minque Noodle Bar which is normally good but this time was pretty sub-standard (order wrong, entre's came after mains and cold, as was the green tea). Headed down to Woden after that for Minority Report - three thumbs up.


Cleaning day; laundry, dishes, kitchen, bathroom walls, lounge.

In the evening Ange cooked up Nachos and T-bone came around & we just hung around and watched a doco on Fleetwood Mac (I love music doco's) and Evil Woman - one and a half thumbs up.

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