Wednesday, August 14, 2002

The Weekend Wrap-Up

In our last episode...

Last week I was happy happy joy joy dude - I scored a new job and on the friday previous I'd met someone whom I thought was nice; cute, but with a dash of naughty thrown in. E-mails back and forth got increasingly flirtacious as the week progressed & the stage was set for more "drinks and..." at Filthies on Friday. Alas it turned out that she had gotten T-bone and I confused (though I don't see how). I was disappointed to say the least...


The gang wasted no time in executing OP CHEERDEANUP, which involved Ms O taking me to see the Bell Shakespeare Co's "The Comedy of Errors", which was apt given it was a play on mistaken identity. Not having read the play I knew not what to expect and came away thoroughly impressed. Unfortunately I had to miss Mike's farewell-old-work drinks, which I hear went ok.

Post-play we returned to Kingston to discover that the gang had spotted the eTease, gone over & told her what for (aren't they great). Apparently at the time she was wandering around the pub looking for the guy with the best butt (me). As is the way of the pub on a Friday night we moved from the standing position near the darts to our usual booth and continued the beer/spirits/shots worship. Louise caught the eTease again, walking past the table, grabbed her & made her sit down between T-bone and myself to (a) make her apologise and (b) point out exactly how stupid she actually was. Colour us all surprised when Ms O came back to the table; after all the screaming and hugging and earnest conversation we discovered that they were in high school together. Colour Ms O surprised when we point out that her newest old friend in town is the reason she took me out to the play.

The collective conveyed its displeasure further with Pawnstar intercepting her business card, laughing "Ha, you work for ****!" and throwing it away dismissively, and me coming in with
"So what's it like to work on a paper with limited distribution?"
"It's not limited, it goes out to 38,000 people"
"Yeah, but it's not like they're exactly the brains trust of the nation is it. It's not like you tackle the hard issues."

I was cheered up, and in a way she opened up a part of me that I didn't know I had. Somehow I've managed to disassociate physical and emotional pleasure; I realised over the weekend that I really don't like this person, but I'd still utilise the workbench with her any time.


Saturday started with me doing a quick dash to the IGA for oranges before soccer. The result of this was a citrilicious game marred only by the decimation of our team by injury (Pawnstars back problem flaired up but he seems to be doing better now).

Saturday night was originally meant to be spent at the Aree Bar for the combined "T-bone's Divorce / K-man's Birthday" bash. T-bone didn't think that dancing and carrying on was an appropriate way to commemorate a not-so-good time in his life, so plans were changed to a not-so-quite gang dinner at Louises place. Some brought wine, some brought food, I brought a bottle of wine and the Nintendo 64, two controllers and Goldeneye for some pre-dinner deathmatch fragging for the boys while the girls cooked.

Problem was that the conspiritors (myself not included) were organising a surprise and so didn't mention that aborting the Aree Bar plan was a bad idea because the Dancin' Cowboy was flying in from Perth. So just after we'd finished eating, Dancin' Cowboy shows up at Louises place and taking T-bone, myself and Lil Bob into town. All was good - the crowd didn't get offended as Dancin' Cowboy had come all that way for the party - and party was what he was going to get.

After a few hours at Aree Bar, T-bone and the Dancin' Cowboy decided they wanted to go dancing at Cube (the old Liquid Lounge), so the group moved along. I've got to say I was a little uncomfortable. I was expecting what I'd seen on TV - lots of buff guys dancing around to throbing techno. Instead I discovered the old Liquid Lounge occupied by three groups; 18 year olds, 50+ year olds, and butch ladies. Oh yeah there was one drag queen running around too. It was a disturbing environment - the predatory 50+ men standing around the outside of the dancefloor where all the 18yo's were. L&A, two girls from work (both newly single, one on the prowl) were there, but not together (A went after the Kman). I stood talking to L for a while and then got more uncomfortable when they left - I couldn't find anyone. The story ends happily as I did eventually find them; we left sometime after three - leaving T-bone to one of the other girls we'd met at the pub the previous friday.


Sunday was filled with Yum Cha, followed by a picnic in Telopea Park. We took the four bottles of red we didnt open at dinner, got some cheese, a picnic rug and a frisbee and sat around in the sun (it got to 20c here) for a good three hours. I fell asleep on the couch in front of docos on the ABC Sunday night; can't get more relaxed than that.

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