Sunday, August 31, 2003

The continued nocturnal adventures of a self-confesed tard magnet: Cheese's Story

The best Saturday night ever* started - as only this night could - with the crew winning 2nd place (we fell over in the sports category) in the Canberra City Soccer Club trivia night. The Not-Quite-'A-Team' of trivia won a case of tart-fuel and celebrated in the Pokie Room. Our valiant runners-up alienated other punters in the room with loud cheers, louder language and a special tour by Cheese noting the contrast between the natural and artificial worlds of the pokie room. Nobody walked away any richer, but we got the wheel to spin on the Wheel of Fortune machine, which is what really mattered.

After some sub-optimal chicken around the corner from the City Club, the merry band continued on to the place where everybody knew their names, except that all of those people were someplace else. Instead the party found itself listening to a average cover-band with pub-goers that had a high probability of strong boganality.

What to do? Would the capering crew give up and go home to their warm beds and inviting porcelain intestinal-relieviing devices? Oh no dear readers, for there has been a new development not yet revealed; one of the crew has started driving again, thus providing the crew with a capering power-projection capability! Who knows where capers will happen now?

The crew did not give in to the numbing averageness of a Saturday night at Filthy's; they set out on a quest to caper until they couldn't caper any more. The intended destination - the Red Hill lookout. The intended caper - crazy dancing. That plan quickly got shelved for an even better plan; drinks in Queenbeyan at the roughest pub we could find.

It was about half past midnight when the crew arrived at the Royal Hotel on Monaro St to a public bar barely occupied with patrons barely interested in the evening's entertainment. Saturday night is kareoke night at the Royal, but only a few wanted to play. What the few punters lacked in melody, tone and timing they made up for with grog-fueled enthusiasm.

A fine cast of characters you can find at the Royal on a Saturday night. Annie sang, 'Mum' sometimes joined in with duets. Petra played upstairs/downstairs between the pub and the nightclub and Kristin/Kirtsy (?) persuaded T-bone to duet with her on Cruisin'.

While Cliffy and I battled on the electronic golf course, T-bone, Cheese and Snewwy (entiely sober) crooned Sinatra, Imbruglia and Sting. These were merely portents of the goodness to come. At Cheese's request the boys all got up for Khe Sahn (even me). Before the night was through we'd also introduced the punters at the Royal to the Arnotts Yo-Yo biscuit jingle and reinterpreted Love Shack. We closed the night with All My Loving, complete with "Goodnight Australia".

* - Disclaimer: Does not include alternate best Saturday nights. Also excludes forthcoming best Saturday nights.

Posted by Dean @ 8/31/2003 07:18:00 pm

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