Monday, August 25, 2003

The Weekend Wrap-Up


After farewell drinks for a colleague at King O'Malley's in town I headed back over the lake to the regular haunt, but just couldn't get into requisite mood for a big night. Must've been all that work talk.


Started the day with a breakfast bbq in Telopea Park and soccer. After being hit on the head with the ball by K-man it was damn satisfying scoring a goal against him from behind the halfway line; he's got so much nothing there should be a book, documentary and web site about it.

Spent the afternoon stuffing around with the home network. I'd been trying to get my pc (on the green connection) to talk to the housemate's pc (on the orange connection) through the smoothwall box, but wasn't having any luck. Decided that there was no point pursuing it if it wasn't meant to be & opted to just get a switch and just put the housemate's pc on the green connection & forget using the DMZ for now.

Saturday night's entertainment more than made up for Friday night's shortcomings; Cliffy and I braved the Kingston Holy Grail to go to a CD launch by local blues band The Groove Kings, who were launching a new CD. Described as playing 'old school Chicago and jump blues', the band played two sets with both originals and covers ('How Blue Can You Get'* being the most recognisable) getting a play.


Finished off the weekend discovering that Yum Cha twice in one week might be overdoing it and playing Balderdash in the pub while the gale force winds and rain stormed outside. Crazy weather!

* - Performed by The Louisiana Gator Boys** during the battle of the bands in The Blues Brothers 2000***
** - The Louisiana Gator Boys was a band made up for the movie that included B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Bo Diddley, Isaac Hayes, Lou Rawls, Travis Tritt, Grover Washington Jr. and Stevie Winwood amongst others.
*** - Great soundtrack, pity about the film.

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