Wednesday, July 30, 2003

21C Capering and Swarming Mobs

Caper - a prank; capricious action; harebrained escapade.

Regular readers might have noticed allusions to various capers the crew have engaged in to keep ourselves amused. Our capers are small and impromptu; usually things like beer-inspired challenges, or getting visiting backpackers involved in world trivia 'game shows'.

A few news sites have picked up a story about some pretty big scale capers: flash mobs. Both the ABC and SMH articles have some good links. Wired News also published a similar story earlier in July.

The story thats been syndicated focuses on mobs that're starting up across the US and doesn't really mention any action on the Aussie front. I don't know how many Aussies would be into these sort of antics for general whackiness kicks, but some seem to be into swarming for hitting the piss & starting trouble. A recent edition of The Weekend Australian Magazine carried an article (12 Jul 03 "Party Animals") about how mobile phones and sms are helping large mobs gatecrash parties. If I remember correctly the main point of the article was that the mobs were showing up not to take over the party but to confront the cops that inevitably show up when the party hosts freak out and call for help with the gatecrashers.

Update 04 Aug 03 - Flash mob strikes in Dallas. Cheers Chuckie.

Posted by Dean @ 7/30/2003 07:54:00 pm

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