Wednesday, November 26, 2003

It's time to come clean. My workmates have noticed & commented. My friends must have noticed by now, but none of them have said anything. I have a problem.

It's part leap of faith, part gamble, part intoxication. I'll spend wads of cash on a bunch of product after only one taste. I keep thinking that each hit will hold me over for a while, but it doesn't. Even after a big hit I wake up in the middle of the night wanting more, something similar but different.

If it's the right stuff it syncronises with your soul and can take you up, down, in, out. You take a risk buying it, but there are worse ways to gamble. If it's the right stuff you'll want to visit again and again. If it's not, you can try it once & get rid of it; there are usually plenty of buyers, or you could give it away.

I know this'll sound like rationalising, but it really is the best stuff. You can do it pretty much anywhere - even at work - and if you have it in moderation it doesn't mess with whatever you're doing; it can even make it better. Some people can remember it vividly, others can't at all; I can't imagine not being able to, not that that skill stops me getting more.

I am addicted to music.

I have a few dealers depending on what I'm chasing. At the moment, Revolution CD gets a wad of my cash at least every fortnight. Last time I had a taste for dance*, but it wasn't enough; I woke up in the middle of the night with a blues craving & went back for a hit two parts Stevie Ray Vaughan and one part B.B. King.

* The taste for dance ended up being:
Puddu Varano - Time to Grow (I still have Star 70 on order at Impact, but it's been months coming - I have faith);
Bob Sinclar - Paradise;
Dimitri From Paris - Cruising Attitude;
Respect Is Burning - Paris is Sleeping; and
Screen Acid - Acid Jazz takes on film/tv music (the runt of the litter).

Going for the second-hand hit keeps the $ factor in check, as does grabbing the Mojo's with the cover discs. I occasionally wonder how many worse habits I'm supporting by shopping at Revolution, but those thoughts are shoved aside when the brain kicks into 'What mixes can I make now?' mode.

I don't think anything short of profound hearing loss will stop me, and that doesn't bother me so much. I think I'm ok with it. Hey, it could be something worse. In the meantime, I'm off for another hit of the gear I picked up in Adelaide that has my fave version of 'As', but perhaps the worst version of 'Superstition' ever.

Posted by Dean @ 11/26/2003 10:36:00 pm

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