Friday, January 02, 2004

NYE 03/04 aka 48 Hour Party People


What you'll need:
A party atmosphere;
Friends - we had 10, pre-dressed;
Food - we opted for dips and breads, two roast chickens, salads and an antipasto platter;
Beer - 30 can carton;
Wine - Red, White, Sparkling - a lot of;
Spirits to taste;
Music to taste; and
Sufficient seating, leaving enough room for a small dancefloor

Take guests, place in party atmosphere with drinks, some holiday wrap-up conversation and some background music to taste. For something a little different, mix in one or two friends of friends. Remember to use complementary friends of friends; the wrong ingredient can spoil this recipe.

Leave for a while, then place guests in seating and serve the main. Add a few drops of conversation. Be generous when adding the wine.

Following dinner, continue basting the guests with drinks. Add more music, conversation and for something extra special, fire twirling.

Call it a night around 4am.


What you'll need:
A temperature controlled environment;
Leftovers from the 31/12 recipe including food, drinks, guests;
Films - we opted for Aliens, Crackerjack, and The Godfather trilogy, in that order; and
Junk food - we used Pringles, salsa, seven cheeseburgers and 20 nuggets

Wake up around lunchtime, add clothes. Seek out some food and drinks. If you're lucky a couch-crashing guest has already begun cleaning up & playing the first film. Sit around and laugh at the night before & comment on how broken you are. Go outside, confirm it's too hot & go back inside & praise the deity of your choice for the invention of air conditioning. Add second film. Add Pringles and salsa.

Add The Godfather trilogy. After Part Two, add seven Cheeseburgers, two large fries and 20 nuggets. Remember to add the fries to the Cheeseburgers for maximum recuperative effect.

Crash around 1am.

Posted by Dean @ 1/02/2004 01:29:00 pm

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