Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The Brisbane Weekend Wrap-Up


The reason for my trip - a sister's 21st - was just hours away. After heading out for new party gear in the morning we all spent the afternoon confined to the kitchen helping Mum prepare tray after tray of involved finger food. We were lucky that the afternoon storm hit earlier (about 4pm) than the others that'd been hitting Brisbane that week; any later & the party would've been a washout. I'd left the mix CD burning to the last minute, so we were also lucky that we didn't lose power.

As far as 21st go, it was one of the better ones I'd been to. A good mix of people from my sister's school days, some uni, work & SLSC mates and a bunch of family friends that I hadn't seen since leaving Brisbane. No-one got too pissed & started causing trouble - unless you count nudie-runs as trouble - and at the end of it all a bunch of us headed into the recently refurbished Normanby Hotel.


Either I'm not as piss-fit as I thought I was or the sangria I made at the party was more potent than I'd intended; probably both. Felt pretty shithouse all day and into the night, so I was relieved when neither Mils nor Matt called to go out. Matt's ex had just given birth to his son (congrats dude - I hope you broke out some cigars) so he'd been at the hospital; I reckon that's a pretty good reason.


Still felt rotten, but managed to work through it to get to the local cinema for Big Fish, which was ok. I think they've one-upped the local Greater Union cinema with their new seats. They've got a bit of give in the back, so you sorta feel like you're floating while you're watching the movie.

After the movie the family and a couple of cousins headed out to Redcliffe for some fish & chips by the water. It's a popular thing to do. The food was good, but the place was hot & crowded with some damn ugly people. It was real Kath & Kim country. The worst part about it all was that the biggest of them must've thought that they were quite attractive and so were the ones wearing the least. Anyone that wasn't supersized looked like a hollowed-out junkie and every late-teen girl had a young baby in her arms. It was all pretty tragic. Good for a visit if you have body image issues.


Had lunch with two old friends from uni, hearing about where the rest of the gang ended up. Coffee Club on Albert St was added to the no-go list for their inability to get a couple of salads right. Spent the rest of the day catching up with The (good) Captain. Watched the third part of the American Pie trilogy (IMO better than the second, not as good as the first) and a cautionary tale about openning e-mail attachments at work called Farm Sluts.

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