Monday, March 01, 2004

The Weekend Wrap-up - now with 100% more ninjas!


With the K-Bunny defecting from the west for the weekend, it was shaping up to be a big night. Well it was, until the plans of checking out Academy were ditched for beers at King O'Malleys right after work. Hanging out was cool, but I was looking forward to a big night out. On an impulse we dined at Chairman & Yip and became instantly addicted to the duck and the fish with white sauce & wasabi dishes.

Oh yeah, and I met a ninjagirl who's apparently good with a bow & a quick strike to the head, y'know, just for fun.


Hit Civic & Woden for music, movies & geeky bits & pieces. Despite the invites & nods & winks, I opted against The Herd's show at the Civic grail (that I hear was shit anyway) to hang out northside with a few drinks, Game Cube & plans for buying, freezing and smashing priceless pieces of art once we are billionaires.

Sa da tay!


It's morning already? Wha, oh, only 3am.

Mmhe, wha, huh? 3.45? Aw c'mon.

4.34? Shit

Hey? 5.47? Noooooo!

8.36? After all that I don't even get to sleep in? Ah screw it, where's that West Wing DVD?

After a late morning breakfast at Gus', met the K-bunny & crew for lunch. Had to escape to catch up on sleep, but it was not to be. I stopped in to catch up with the just-in-from-London Cliffy & was surprised with a Harry Potter marionette (marionettes are apparently the big thing in Europe at the moment).

SMS: "Pub at 830". Right, I'll go for an hour & then get home to bed. When I got home & sleep came at 11 it was sooo goood.

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