Thursday, February 12, 2004


Out at dinner I met a nice couple, one of which was someone who works in social policy in the ACT. She helped change my position on the needle vending machines that are in the works for Canberra. Admittedly I hadn't done a whole lot of research into them, but was generally against them on the basis that there'd be a rise in needle-based assaults & robberies. After I'd ranted a bit, Tania told me that they would be retractable one-use syringes in the machines. After that my only social policy suggestion was jumping castles in each town centre for all; there's no unhappiness on jumping castles, if used properly.


Who needs a month-long European trip when the best of the emigre communities around Canberra converge to sell you their national foods in the stifling February heat & humidity? Russians do good marinated meat on sticks and South African savoury mince tastes just like any other savoury mince on the planet. Escaped the heat in the Civic pub playing pool with Miss K and the Pawnstar and a primatologist who's off to China to study mountain monkeys. I now have it on his authority that the nature of monkey was indeed irrepressible. I have observational evidence that win or lose, pool is always fun with the right company & the right music.


Evaded the heat by seeing Along Came Polly, but at the same time was caught by very average cinema. Ben Stiller being Ben Stiller, Bryan Brown being same as always. Don't even bother renting it as a weekly.

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