Sunday, March 21, 2004

The Weekend Wrap-up

News to report? I'm stuffed. After an exhausting week of housemate interviews, courses & jumping to conclusions I need some quiet time, so it's a big screen-time weekend for me. I've opted for eye-candy over substance for the most part: Tomb Raider 2, Cody Banks for the Angie Harmon goodness (she is the only thing going for it) and Pirates of the Caribbean for the Kiera Knightley goodness (bring on the sequel action!). On the more substantial side I went with Matchstick Men (which really needs to be watched in one continuous sitting - don't put this on if you know you're going to be interupted), and Gone Troppo (which can, however, be watched easily with interuptions). I'm also getting through the Futurama DVDs that I picked up last weekend.

In sporting news...

After a disappointing round 4, round 5 of Super 12 tipping is looking up (my tip in italics):

Round 4:
Highlanders 35 df by Sharks 36
Hurricanes 42 df Cats 25
Reds 20 df Blues 3
Bulls 32 df Brumbies 21
Stormers 27 df Waratahs 23

Round 5:
Stormers 15 df by Brumbies 33
Chiefs 15 df by Crusaders 36
Highlanders 29 df Cats 17
Bulls 38 df Waratahs 27
Hurricanes 20 df by Sharks 21

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

After last weekend's triumphant lamb roast (not my first, but definately my best), I'm pretty keen on doing the Kitchen Diploma course down at The Culinary Centre. This weekend I'm taking the lamb bones & chucking them in a big pot with a bunch of vegetables & making some soup & then straining some of it & saving it as stock.

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Posted by Dean @ 3/21/2004 12:48:00 pm

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