Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend Update - Birthday Fest Commences

If you've got friends with birthdays near yours, why wait to start celebrating?

(Continues... poorly...)


I was really looking forward to it, but the planned Cheese on Toast outing fell through again. Still saw X-Men 3 as planned; too much drama, not enough action. Ended up getting into the Bundy Draught at the pub for a couple of hours. Realised hours too late that dinner would've been a good idea.


Put together Em's present before heading to the red vs blue soccer pitch. Ran around a bit, playing defense by generally getting in the way. Came home with the trophy.

Saturday Soccer

A&J hosted a lazy afternoon of drinks & food in honour of Mama Cass' visit.
Cheers to A&J for the top afternoon; the nosh hit the spot! On the way over, we stopped to change & I got to meet the new puppy Tess. Indy got strangely jealous...

Birthday fest 06 kicked off with dinner at La Rustica. For $30/head they do a top banquet. Many thanks to R&K for the very cool cookbook and S&E for the new cap and especially to Em for organising the whole thing. Happy birthday co-birthday fest girl!

Birthday Fest 06

The pub session that followed was one of the best; optimum drinking (not too much, not too little), excellent company, fun & games with random pub people and singing every song at the top of our lungs because it was "the best song ever!".

Birthday Fest 06 Birthday Fest 06

Birthday Fest 06 Birthday Fest 06


OWWWWW! Want to move but can't. Not nauseous, every muscle ached. Opted to stay in bed reading & watch the Sunday afternoon movie (Can't Hardly Wait).

Drag myself out of bed around four. Stagger up to Manuka for maccas, Dave Chappelle's Block Party and double up with The Da Vinci Code. Dave Chappelle's Block Party was a great music doco / concert film, if you're into hip hop, r&b & rap. The Da Vinci Code was slightly less annoying than the book; it had decent scoring, locations and Sir Ian McKellen going for it, but that was about it.

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