Saturday, April 07, 2007

National Folk Festival 2007 - Part 1

This weekend I've volunteered to do stuff for 2XX at the National Folk Festival. Mostly it involves checking out the acts and then plugging in recording equipment into the mixing desk. I plan to do some vox pop stuff before the weekend is out.

I've got to say that folk's not a genre I'm really into, but the variety here has really opened my eyes and ears. So far I've heard the story of Yarri of Wiradjuri by The Roaring Forties, talked crap about music with complete strangers around a water pipe that produced smoke that smelt of apples, and Mr Sister (pictured) was good. The highlights have definitely been the jamming at the Session Bar (there was a group of guys doing some really catchy americana 1920s/jugband stuff in the background here) and the first heat of the Infinite Sound of Music Competition in which festival acts do covers of songs from The Sound of Music.

Best of all I was able to check all of this out with A&B and Ducky.

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Posted by Dean @ 4/07/2007 01:14:00 am

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