Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Will it be possible to download all the songs from previous versions of SingStar onto the hard drive of the PlayStation 3 so you don't have to change the disc all the time? Or maybe put in a code to download these songs for free off the net?

This is something we considered but unfortunately technical constraints have rule it out.
Singstar Blog

I'm sure I read something a few months back saying that was how they wanted the upgrade path to work for people who already had all the other Singstar discs, but I guess they couldn't figure out how to stop people handing discs around to unlock all of the older tracks. I reckon having fans pay for the older tracks again will dissuade a lot of fans from upgrading to the PS3 sooner rather than later.


Posted by Dean @ 4/17/2007 11:13:00 pm

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