Thursday, October 25, 2001

Today's been made up of a good day at work, long lunch (picked up the new phone with a little hassle and a ticket to Stomp 7), then divisional payday drinks; quite good all in all.

Quite happy with the party invite too:

" unwholesome union of food, drink, politics and people..."
- The Australian

"Established Kingston Residents Curse Young Upstarts"
- The Chronicle


"A Triumph"
- The Age

In 1972 David Williamson put the spotlight on the political attitudes of some average Australians in "Don's Party". Twenty-nine years later, the looking glass will be directed at a new generation of voters...

So come see

Dean & Dave's Party

featuring Dave "I like love" T and Dean "I like toys" K, stars of the critically-acclaimed productions "Must-See Movie Night" and "Every Friday Night At Filthy's".

Saturday Nov 10 2001
15:00 onwards, with likely migration to Green Square later in the evening.

The balconies,

Your vocal political views, whatever you're drinking, a contribution to the snack collective and anything special you want to BBQ.

Come as:
Something starting with "D".

Posted by Dean @ 10/25/2001 09:28:00 pm

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