Thursday, November 22, 2001

An average day; did the work I had to, short lunch and then branch wine-club this afternoon.

Restarted after-work basketball at Barton with the boys now that the weather is improving. We don't actually play, it's a shoot-hoops-and-talk-shit-for-an-hour-or-two thing, a chance to catch up. On the walk home I confirmed that Manuka pool has reopened, so I'll start swimming perhaps this weekend; don't know if the pool is heated tho - must find out...

Learn something new every day...

I had a pretty good idea we were being watched, though this level of analysis will have me paying more attention at the supermarket. So does this mean I can blame the Black & Gold brand for my "fitted for but not with" status?

Posted by Dean @ 11/22/2001 09:13:00 pm

...Survey says...


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