Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Alas, I have no common thread to todays entry.

Music soothes the savage beast; I wouldn't call myself savage nor a beast, but it certainly works for me if I'm having a bad day, restless at work or just generally feeling shitty. Today at work I am listening to: "Brother Sister" an old Brand New Heavies CD, "A Night At the Playboy Mansion" by Dimitri from Paris and ABC Classic FM.

My home PC is still unstable. I had a look at Cougar Computers web site, as they have a system builder page that lets you choose all of your components, but it was still a bit expensive (I can spend about $600 tops), so it looks like I'll have to visit the PC markets (how I hate them!
the dodgy vendors! the tight, confined, choking venues! the sweating, dirty smelly nerds everywhere!) and build the new box myself. Bugger.

It was a good friends birthday yesterday, one of my sisters 21st's today, and another good friends birthday

I tried to call my sister this morning before she shot off to work (she's being one of the sports therapist /
massage people at the Police Games currently running on the Gold Coast) and it was the shortest birthday
phone call ever:
"Hey it's Dean; HAPPY 21st!"
"Can I call you back? I'm driving. Bye!"
I'll call her again when I get home.

Last night a small group gathered at the Kingo (the Kingston Pub) for some pool, beers and birthday dinner.
Dinner was, as per Kingo tradition, a large chunk of cow that you get to flame-grill yourself. My chunk was sufficiently large that, even after cooking for 7 minutes per side, it was only cooked 5mm top and bottom and
red raw in the middle. I still ate it, covered with seeded mustard and with a large sidesalad. Mmm, mustardrific...

Reinitiated contact with a relatively new friend who'd visited Canberra earlier in the year and is moving down from Brisbane to take up a job early next year. It turns out we have a few friends in common and has a number of non-mutual friends coming down too (ie people I don't know, yet).

The downside of this 'six-degrees of Canberran social interation' is that a friend I have become very close to is moving to Melbourne come the end of November. Who shall I be geeky with now? Who will I talk tech with and, in the drop of a hat, go and party like 'twas 1999 with? Where will I find another girl with such an appreciation of Seven of Nine? Alas, I fear I cannot. Thus I shall have to save my pennies and fly to Melbourne as often as possible to visit and reminisce; reminisce about the Arabian Nights party, our mutual friends and their alter-ego's on the rum, the 15 hour road trip to Brisbane and back last summer, the movie nights, the dinners, the boozy lunches, my penchant for evil and our Bastard Products dot.com idea.

Damn this reminiscing; where are those tissues...

Posted by Dean @ 11/13/2001 03:44:00 pm

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