Thursday, January 10, 2002

Well, the Blogger system appears to be back online; pity I don't have much to write about.

I've come back to work too early; most people are still away & there's not much to do. If I didn't have my discman there I'd have gone nutty yesterday morning.

I've started my new years fitness thing this week. Well, partially; I'm phasing foods out of my diet this week and introducing more good foods. On the weekend the exercise starts.

Why? Well, bad eating habits and a couple of sporting injuries saw me reduce exercise and eat more crap in the last half of 2001 which resulted in an increase in mass, particularly around my midsection. This must be erradicated because hockey will kick off soon and all the new people start arriving in Canberra over the next month or so and I'd like to be less tubby around the middle when I start meeting them.


Only newsworthy item for today is that today we (the work team) took J out for a premarital lunch to Asia Cafe in Civic. For $11 a head the banquet is a bargain, and the food is really really good!

Posted by Dean @ 1/10/2002 06:20:00 pm

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