Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Star Trek Club

"We like the show, but we're not obsessive. I mean, we don't collect stuff."
"You have reference books, and a Capt Kirk doll."
"Yeah, but other than that..."

The new housemate is hosting his fortnightly Star Trek Club meet here tonight. So far they've watched an episode each of Deep Space Nine and Voyager and sung the theme song to Enterprise. They've made Klingon and Trill jokes, but (thankfully) without any snort-laughing. Apparently there's an Original series episode to come before the night is out.

There are eight here tonight, including the housemate & excluding me; four you'd pick as Trekkies, four that look quite average. Two of the girls are surprisingly cute. There is a dominating matriarchal figure in the group, and at least one remote control control freak. The matriarch briefed the group before the DS9 episode started, and while I sat eating dinner asked me if I'd be joining them more often. I declined, smiling politely.

I've known other groups like these before, I was even part of one once (X-Files) and it's always amazed me about how much time & energy is expended in the world of fandom. Watching this group now, and looking back at my own experience, I can't help but wonder what might happen if these fans, and others like them, devoted the same time & energy learning about the real world, what good might come of it. The intracacies of reality far outweigh anything teams of television writers could come up with after all - it's not like anyone would run out of things to learn.

But hey, it's bringing at least this group of people together and maybe that's all that matters. As for me, I think I'll follow the first rule of Star Trek Club; not talking about it anymore.

Posted by Dean @ 9/02/2003 10:23:00 pm

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