Sunday, October 24, 2004

Oktoberfest 2004

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Sign at racecourse reads "No Alcohol Admitted".
Saturday afternoon saw most of the regular crew hit Canberra's 2004 Oktoberfest at the racecourse in Lyneham. As is the way with Oktoberfests there was much beer flowing, pig on the spit & sauerkraut and german music & dancing. And if you can't wear crazy hats, viking helmets & plastic breasts & butts at Oktoberfest, well where can you wear them?

We picked up steins & had them filled and re-filled, grabbed some food & attempted takeover of a reserved table before finding another by the wall between two vendors and the guys toilets. Being next to a major thoroughfare our location afforded us a damn good view of the dancing, the drunken table dancing & collapses and pissed conversations with guys coming to & from the heads. These guys really got into the chicken dance:
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No clapping here. Two excited guys bashing their heads on the table during the Chicken Dance
We moved on to the Civic Pub mid-evening for pool & cheaper drinks. Apparently the mood soured later in the night; two mates of a girl from work got stabbed (one in the chest, the other in the arm). They were taken off to hospital but are doing ok now though.

Posted by Dean @ 10/24/2004 02:08:00 pm

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I went to Oktoberfest for the first time this year. We ate pretzels, looked suspiciously at some sauerkraut, and went home again. There was lots of food but not much stein action going on there. I guess we missed all the quaffing. Are there normally lots of people there? It all looked a bit sad when we were there on Sunday.

Posted by Blogger squizling @ Monday, October 25, 2004 11:59:00 pm #
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