Thursday, March 03, 2005

Scratch-n-Sniff 2.0

[/] This kinda reminds me of Beyond 2000:

The food coming out of Homaru Cantu's kitchen is bizarre. Cantu, a cordon-bleu chef, has modified an ink-jet printer to create dishes made of edible paper that can taste like anything from birthday cake to sushi. "You can make an ink-jet printer do just about anything," says Cantu, who is head chef at the Moto restaurant in Chicago, US, and a keen advocate of the high-tech kitchen. The printer's cartridges are loaded with fruit and vegetable concoctions instead of ink, and the paper tray contains edible sheets of soybean and potato starch. Cantu then prints out tasty versions of images he has downloaded from the web.
[via FUTUREdition (Volume 8, Number 4, March 2, 2005), sourced from Forget Takeout, Eat a Print-out - (New Scientist - February 10, 2005)]

Imagine an edition of Delicious where you could get a recipe, then tear out a tester page & get an idea of what it's meant to taste like when it's done. On the flipside, reading a bunch of Gibson lately makes me think that it's more likely that if this sort of tech were to find some mass-production commercial take-up it'd get used for some flavour-infused skin mags, DVD covers or some such.

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Posted by Dean @ 3/03/2005 08:49:00 pm

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can't remember where but I remember reading a few years back that the US military was working on what they were calling 3D printers. you know - your tank is broke and you need widget X, just print/extrude one, feeding your 'printer' on basic materiels, instead of having to ship it (and track it) from Montana.

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