Thursday, June 30, 2005

So you get a game with a pizza and now the damn thing won't work...

[Games / Tech] So you've just picked up an EA game and the bloody thing won't work. You install it but keeps asking you for the disc before it'll run. Thing is the disc is in the drive. You uninstall and reboot, reinstall from another drive, reboot, try again. Nada. You've looked on the EA tech support message boards and try every damn suggestion they give you. You reinstall drivers, update firmware, uninstall, reinstall, try again. Zip.

So you figure that you can't be the first person on the planet who can't get The Sims 2 or Battlefield 2 to work. You've found the key...


Others have come across the problem before with earlier EA games. Battlefield 1942 had the same problem. It seems like EA games don't get along with nForce2 chipset-based motherboards.

All you have to do is change the software IDE driver -- the NVidia NForce 2 SPP/IGP ATA Controller -- back to the standard XP one, rather than the motherbaord specific driver. Reboot and then try and load up the game.

If you've got Battlefield 2, my callsign is 'dnosaur' and I play on the Internode servers. Let's party.

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Posted by Dean @ 6/30/2005 09:16:00 pm

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