Thursday, July 26, 2007

MMM less oily?

We've been listening to a new streaming radio station in the office over the last week or three. 181's The Buzz seems to give us exactly the right mix of rock to have in the background and no annoying DJs, in fact no DJs at all.

This morning they played Midnight Oil's Blue Sky Mine, a bit of a surprise coming from a US based station. Anyway, it got me thinking that I haven't heard much Oils stuff on the wireless for a long time and wondering whether the Oils airplay has changed since Garrett boarded the good ship ALP.

I don't listen to the Mass Market Music network on purpose (only exposed in shops etc), so I can only pose the question to those of you that do; do you reckon the Oils airplay increased, decreased or stayed the same since Garrett joined the ALP?

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Posted by Dean @ 7/26/2007 06:25:00 pm

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