Thursday, November 29, 2001

Hi everybody! Hi Dr Nick!

How the day has flown! Got caught by the branch head before I reached my desk and had to play secretariat bitch all morning, but then it was lunchtime before I knew it. I got the damn correspondence out, even though it took me all morning and broke two photocopiers in the process - it's done! Things should be quiet for about a week now, then it'll be busy, then it's Christmas Holidays! Sunshine Coast here I come!

Hmm, what else - fixed up a few things on the site, went & had beer & a countery dinner at Edgars Inn last night to farewell Tamara (again).

Looks like everything's back to normal - hurrah!

Shane - hope you're feeling better after the surgery & that you're back on your feet soon (don't know what the recovery time is for ticker operations but I'm sure you'll be fighting fit again really soon).

Hi Jayne & Chris - hope Canada's treating you well, thanks for reading & for the note in the guestbook!

Posted by Dean @ 11/29/2001 06:28:00 pm

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