Saturday, November 24, 2001

The way you make me feel ...

Well if the Bloghop ratings bar is at all reliable (I have my doubts about it as a rigorous ratings system) I have annoyed at least a few people! Hurrah! However I shall never know if it was my comments on RPG's, the criticism of Matthew Reilly's work, something I wrote in a guestbook somewhere or because the 'net nomads didn't find what they were seeking (check out some of these queries) that annoyed them as no one bothered commenting in the guestbook.

I'm not going to retract anything I've written; what would be the point of doing this if I had no comments on anything, or just went along with the herd on everything? I read other 'blogs for different perspectives, not to validate my own beliefs.

Posted by Dean @ 11/24/2001 07:20:00 pm

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