Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Something is wrong

Something may be wrong, but I'm not sure.

I'm haven't quite been myself the last few days; I'm tired, I'm demotivated at work and seemingly disinterested in everything else.

I didn't blog yesterday, in fact I didn't even turn on the PC to check e-mail which is unusual for me. Today I called off tonights Must-see Movie gathering, well, I bumped it to next week; I've decided on The Graduate as the next movie.

A few people commented similar sentiments at work; I put it down to Mondayitis, but it's still here.

The only thing I think I want to do is sleep or read. Better yet have someone read to me as I lay on my bed & drift off, perhaps to a place & time where I'm my normal impulsive excitable self again.

I'm still looking forward to Thursday night at the movies, but this cloud of disinterest has dampened my excitement from that of a Potter-mad schoolkid to that of someone who's prepared to wait for rental (as a stab at an apt relative scale).

This is taking so long - see something's definately wrong; I can't write, and I hardly care.

Look, look back over the last week - I was happy, excited by things to come... now I'm tired ... disinterested ... and my appetite is gone.


I'm going to bed.

Posted by Dean @ 11/27/2001 08:49:00 pm

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