Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Well, after a pretty average day writing progress text for the people collating the Additional Estimates submission I'm going to have a crafty night tonight. I have to organise the branch christmas party & I've said there're going to be games, so I'm making a dodgy version of Celebrity Head with printouts from work, a big sheet of red cardboard, some cheap headbands and blu-tak. Whilst creating mirth-in-a-box with scissors and glue I shall be watching Shrek; I'm told the extras on the DVD are quite good.

Make them earn the points!

So we need 'points' to get anything official; licences, passports etc etc. I was asked last weekend what my criteria for DVD purchase was & we came up with the idea of rating DVD releases based on content. Obviously if you really really like a movie you're going to buy it regardless of the features, but I'm trying to refine a ratings system to help guide my purchasing impulses (the idea being that if a release doesn't reach a points threshold it goes to the bottom of the list, pending rerelease in a 'Collectors Edition' for example, and the studios don't get my money until it's worth it).

So here's my points breakdown:
- Desirable Film: 20
- Each commentary: 10
- Behind the Scenes material: 10
- Outtakes: 10
- Tied-in Soundtrack Film Clips: 10
- Theatrical Trailer(s): 10
- Posters / Artwork: 2.5
- DVD-ROM Content: 5
- Animated menus: 2.5

My threshold would be 50 points.

Have I missed anything out?

Posted by Dean @ 12/05/2001 07:13:00 pm

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