Friday, January 18, 2002

G'morning - was going to write this up last night, but got home late & hit the sack pretty quick...

Work was pretty damn average; spent most of the day photocopying & trying to figure out what went wrong with the 200+ page report my database was supposed to have generated properly on Wednesday, but didn't.

We had a massive Turkish lunch at Dickson for branch member M, who's going off to Qld to get married (he is coming back tho). We got the small banquet, but next time we have to get the mini - there was soooo much food. When we got back to work we were all a bit narky, probably because we were stuffed full of Turkish goodness & thus were tired & irritable.

After work some of the WTBN Global Enterprises creative team got together at the Aree Bar in Civic for a production meeting. We're writing a Big Brother 2 application video for one of our loyal listeners, and hoping to shoot it on Sunday, so if you see a crew of people around Civic doing stuff to camera, that'll be us. Don't know how much looks count for in the producers minds; he shouldn't have too much trouble if they're going for someone who looks like this guy (which should impress my sisters, as well as Ms S & Ms A). As long as he gets his lines right & the weather stays good I think it should be relatively easy shooting.

Posted by Dean @ 1/18/2002 07:31:00 am

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