Sunday, January 13, 2002

Spent Saturday afternoon lazing on the couch; watched Jurassic Park 3 which was as lacklustre as I'd expected (even the performance of the kid actor beat the adults and the dinos), and began watching 15 Minutes before heading over to Al's place for what turned out to be a good night of roast lamb, cab merlot & interesting conversation - thanks Al & Kams.

I finished watching 15 Minutes this morning. I can see why it only had a limited cinema run; at almost 2 hours it drags on and in the end feels like very average cop movie, only that it has a pretty good cast.

Went for a walk up to Manuka as it's really really nice outside - bright & sunny, but not too hot, and certainly nothing like the 40-and-humid conditions Brisbane is currently getting. Walked back via the Kingston shops, picked up some California Rolls from Sizzle Bento & have spent the afternoon out on the patio reading.

Posted by Dean @ 1/13/2002 02:51:00 pm

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