Saturday, January 19, 2002

My Friday Five

1. What do you have your browser start page set to?
I made up a really basic start page of my own.

2. What are your favorite news sites?
When I get into work each day I usually skim read IHT,, The Age, SMH, Cbr Times and ABC Online, but most days I have RN on in the morning as I'm getting ready, so I get most of my news & current affairs then, or the Media Monitors news clippings at work.

3. Favorite search engine?
Dare I not say the G word? I used to prefer Northen Light, but they've gone corporate-focused.

4. When did you first get online?
1994, through a bbs in Brisbane (can't remember which one tho), then a proper dialup account through The Hub when they opened up.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?


Woke up early, decided to blog the entry re Thursday before getting ready for work. Quite a slow day at work - wrote those haiku during a meeting on the (supposedly) upcoming re-org.

Into town at lunch to pick up the Jamiroquai tickets - there are four of us going, and to our surprise the only tickets we could get are way up the back on the right hand side of the theatre (good thing it's a small theatre). We wanted to get standing dancefloor tickets, but it doesn't matter, we'll dance in our seats & piss off whoever's behind us.

After work drinks at North, dinner at the thai place around the corner that used to be the vietnamese place. A couple of bottles of wine & some good food led to really loud sing-a-longs. Actually it was more like Tyson & Cin serenading passers-by, including passers-by on the other side of the road. Many thanks must go to Cin & Ms S who went to the chemist for me (I get a really wierd pressure effect thing happening in my chest when I have too many spirits too quickly - cheap vodka infusion mixers at North resulted in me feeling like an alien was going to explode out of my chest - got better after a lot of still water & some paracetamol).

After dinner the gang decided that we wanted to sing loudly & dance like drunken idiots, so we ventured to the one place we could be with like-minded types - In Blue. Fast-forward through the singing & dancing, past Tyson helping Allen from China talk to girls, past the D&M's - Cin dropped me home around 12.30.


10:26am Woken by an sms message (normally I turn it off overnight, but forgot to last night & it was set to Loud mode): "Wake up. I'm famished" which meant that Ms S was expecting me to meet her for breakfast somewhere in Kingston. Replied with "11 on the corner" - so met up Ms' S & A at the cafe on the corner of Kennedy & Eyre (can't remember the name of the place tho - but it was v good food compared to some of the crap we've sent back to the useless kitchens of the cafes in Green Square). Ms S gave me a little book that I've decided will be my Haiku book.

Caught up with Capt J over coffee (now expectant father for the second time - congratulations!) before walking up to Manuka to pick up some photos and drop off a wallet (Ms A's man is a chef at a nice place in Manuka). Got some icecream (mmm, lemon sorbet) before walking back to Kingston, meeting Ms S & heading into Civic; picked up a new wallet, looked at many items I can't afford.

We stopped in at Impact Records too - even tho I'm not a comic reader I wander around the comic section checking out the artwork & seeing if there's any Aeon Flux stuff around, and wondering if any of the people around are Matt or Monkey - Ms S & I spotted a few people we thought might be contenders for the parts.

As for the rest of tonight and tomorrow I don't have any plans - will play it as it comes.

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