Sunday, December 15, 2002

So much for a quiet weekend.

Friday saw the old workplace Christmas BBQ which continued on to drinks with Kat & Louise at B Bar, dinner with K-bunny and catching up with champion Ms A and her Steely Dan-obsessed friend Karen.

Saturday was spent bumming around at home before Olivia's pool party, beers in the beer garden, Durham dinner and crashing on the couch in front of The Mothman Prophecies, which isn't the best movie to start watching late at night.

Today I was up relatively early for breakfast with some old uni friends and I've spent the afternoon going through the extras disc for Mothman and trying to nap as one of the less considerate groups living in the complex decided to party all last night, break between 4 and 7am and start back up again.

Posted by Dean @ 12/15/2002 03:57:00 pm

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