Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The Day the Undies Won aka The Weekend Highlights


What better way to kick off the year of the Monkey than with twelve friends at a Chinese New Year banquet. At the end of the lion dance, some of the boys were having so much fun banging on the drums & crashing the cymbals that they paid the dancers to take the dance to the pub. After assuring the matriarch of the restaurant that her kids would be ok, T-bone announced to the crowded pub that "the people who love the pub more than air" had bought them a lion dance for good luck & the dancers did their thing through the pub twice with Cliffy & Capt Randy Roger on percussion.


After getting an overdue haircut, I wasted the day in Civic, wandering through music shops and looking for sunglasses and a cordless phone. I picked up a Uniden & in retrospect I should've spent the extra $20 and gone for a DECT (digital cordless) phone for the security.

With Filthy Bob & the COTS girlfriend and Lizzy & Kathlene in town, the gang spent the evening at the pub. There was a special guest star appearance by Mad Dog, who became the focus of the evening. After Andy turned his back on the canus insanus it was all eyes on the dog to see who he'd biff first. After several rounds of G&Ts and Bundys we left Mad Dog to his quality time with Bundy.


Woke up praying for death. Sat under the shower for about 20 minutes. Perked up a bit & made it down to The Burrow for breakfast around lunchtime.

After some quiet time in the afternoon it was back to the pub for the night. This time it was a lot tamer though; I reckon that after Cam got the shits with us (maybe it was the inter-booth ice fights) the bar staff stopped putting alcohol in our drinks. Highlights included Tatts tearing his undies off over his head (yes, again). When Capt Randy Roger wouldn't attempt his, T-bone put them on & had a go. Much to everyone's amusement (except for T-bone & Cheese), the undies were too new & wouldn't break. They even left burn marks on his forearms. They had to burn through them after about 15 minutes of tearing. Forget uber-undies, these things were a chastity belt.

Australia Day

What's more aussie than starting your day off with a BBQ? We spent a good part of the day at The Burrow, and after having thankless houseguests all weekend it was understandable that Cheese needed quiet time that afternoon. Cliffy, Liz, Kathleen & I killed the rest of the long weekend in front of Human Traffic. Nice one bruvva!

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