Friday, April 09, 2004

Life Under the Bridge

Gee, look what happens when you go off & don't update for a while...

While life continued for the rest of the world, one or more trolls sprinkled some disappointing comments on this page & tried to start a flame match. Problem was that they forgot to consider that this site really doesn't get that much traffic & that their comments don't mean shit to me because I could pick them for what they were. Then, for good or ill, some mates of mine and the real mel stepped into the breach and engaged. 24 comments later lame insults have been thrown around, names have been called, but no sticks nor stones have actually hurt anyone.

So what now? Well, like before, I'm just going to ignore it. But now I'll check in every so often & clear out the trolling comments. That and writing this piece up is as much effort as I'm going to waste on these trolls. They don't deserve any more thought. If you want to get into some quality flaming there are plenty of community websites and usenet newsgroups you can go play in.

So, to my mates - cheers, but stepping up really wasn't necessary. To Mel, Hambo & their mates - sorry you guys got caught up in this. From here on in obvious trolling posts'll be deleted. To the trolls - I have nothing but sympathy for your poor excuses for lives. And to other bloggers who complain about no-one leaving comments, be careful what you wish for...

Update - Mon 12 Apr 04: I've clipped some of the comments & sent a couple of e-mail messages to Abuse @ OptusNet Txt1 & the Victorian Dept of Treasury and Finance Txt2 to try & determine the source(s) of this crap.

Posted by Dean @ 4/09/2004 12:08:00 pm

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