Saturday, September 16, 2006

Take Me Out

Hi, how's your night going?

CRACK! Whoomp.

Not so good then? Awww...

Wave after wave of MEC troops spawned at Outpost and tried to come over the hill to pin down the US forces in their base. Wave after wave of MEC troops barely made it past the first bombed out structure. A few made it up to the burning vehicle, but went no further.

Who would have thought that you could get the top score in your team as a sniper? Not I, but I did in one round this week.

Mate, would you mind standing just a little to the left?

CRACK! Whoomp.


EA finally got around to releasing patch 1.4 for BF2 last week. It included a new map - Road to Jalalabad - which is a sniper's playground. There are so many buildings to climb up on in the built-up part of the map and a bunch of smaller mostly-destroyed structures that are great hides at ground level.

I don't hear any Wiggles playing around here dude; why are you bobbing up & down like that? You know it's not gonna help.

CRACK! Whoomp.

Told ya.

If I keep this up I might just make the next rank before BF2142 comes out. Only 5000 points to go... in 3 weeks... OK, maybe not.

Time to start thinking about upgrades.

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Posted by Dean @ 9/16/2006 10:09:00 am

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