Sunday, November 12, 2006

24 Hour Curse?

24 hour bugs are widely accepted; you pick up a bug, your immune system goes to work on it & you feel like crap for a day or so & then you get better. But have you ever had a day when you felt like you were going through a 24 hour curse?

Yesterday nothing seemed to go right:

Wasn't hungover, but slept in and passed on soccer.

Wandered down to nerd markets to get some new parts; found out that a card had expired.

Went home, replacement card not in unopened mail. Call bank, new card in a week.

Back to markets for video card but not the other parts I wanted, then into Civic for studio practice, then back home to install card & get some BF2 sniper freak on. Or that's how it would have gone if the new card hadn't rooted the sound & tv cards.

Messed around with it for a couple of hours before thinking that a drink or two might present the answer. Got to Muddle for the PANTs gig around 9. Didn't see any sign & bartenders hadn't seen anyone wearing a "I [heart] Cbr" badge. Hung out by the bar thinking that the PANTs crew would recognise their mo investment, but no one had by the time I finished my scotch, so I returned to fight the geek fight.

The first few uninstallations & reinstallations of drivers, movements of cards & repeats didn't work. I can only assume that it was the clock striking midnight & the lifting of the 24 hour curse that set things right. Once the date ticked over the cards all worked and the improvement in detail & FPS in BF2 almost made all the BS worthwhile.

Today was good; a few good rounds of slick BF2 - courtesy of the now functioning 6800GS - preceded a housewarming BBQ at A&B's. Thankfully the rain stopped long enough for a top afternoon of meat, beer, cherry-seed competitions, Jackass, Singstar & Lego Star Wars.

This evening's channel surfing still hasn't delivered the Capn's new bathtub ad.


Posted by Dean @ 11/12/2006 09:41:00 pm

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