Wednesday, October 31, 2001

After a lot of searching through some incomplete help files at I finally have the archives up and working. Now I just have to figure out why September is missing.

Todays lunchtime challenge was What recording artists have had a couple of obscure albums before a major commercial success?. This sparked a good post-lunch cubicle discussion with the team reminiscing about their fav albums. Most of it was all 80's stuff that I knew of but really couldn't get into, but the team had fun & that's all that matters.

Called Telstra again as WAP on my new phone still hasn't been enabled a week after I got it. Seriously, it can't be that hard to go into a database & tick a box, can it? Mind you, it did take them three months to fix my home phone line, so who knows what sort of people they hire to do their tech work...

Not happy Jan.

Posted by Dean @ 10/31/2001 06:37:00 pm

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