Tuesday, October 30, 2001

So Matt is a comic collector. Matt, if you, or any of your friends know where I can find the Aeon Flux graphic novel I'd much appreciate the info.

As for the Must-see Movie series: Smallest. Turnout. Ever.

L1, S2 and I discussed the merits of North By Northwest and opted instead to go with the unseen option, the Pitt/Roberts take on the road-movie The Mexican. I'm so glad I didn't pay to see this on the big screen. It's a bizarre mix of a road movie, gangster movie, with some love interest thrown in, a bit of The Professional and some nice product placement for Amex and VW. I'm also glad that I only paid $2.95 and could have stopped it at will, as it goes for 136 minutes. I think I need to think some more about this one before I endorse or not; not often a movie leaves me flummoxed like this.

Posted by Dean @ 10/30/2001 11:05:00 pm

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