Monday, October 29, 2001


I need another day. Just one, to adjust to the daylight savings thing and catch up on sleep from the weekend.

Work was a bit blah today, but I did make significant progress on beating the database into submission. Found out that most people recovered ok from the weekend and J2 and R2 got what every aussie guy needs in the backyard, a kickass BBQ - top work boys, so when are we all coming to christen it?

I've already decided to make this coming weekend a "do absolutely nothing" weekend, both for financial and physical reasons. Housemate will be away most of this week and the weekend, so may be having a few movie / board game nights.

Have some satire, and answer the question: Is decent satire dead on the 'net post-Sept 11?:
- The Daily Probe
- The Onion
- The Chaser
- The Evil Gerald

And just for Ms S: Oh no, it's another dinner invitation from the Chomskys.

Posted by Dean @ 10/29/2001 08:05:00 pm

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