Saturday, November 10, 2001

And I said baby, it's 2am I must be lonely...

I think those are the lyrics

Yes, it's 2am, well, 2:03am. I've just gotten home & must describe the events of the evening before sleep and alcohol take them away from me. Prediction: I'm going to have a killer hangover tomorrow morning. I've been mixing drinks and not eating enough and not drinking near enough water.

Tonights highlights include: almost being arrested, almost getting in a fight, and meeting up with an old uni friend I haven't seen in ages.

I'll try & put this in chronological order. Sidenote: it surprises me that I remember the word chronological.

1830: Filthy's
Some time later: Durham
A little bit after that: B Bar (new place just opened on Kennedy St, nice, but old crowd)
30 min later: Tyson picks me up fireman style and runs down the street & throws me in a garden outside Tandoor House. Onlookers are amused as I yell out "we're not going back to my place" as we're speeding down the street. Into a supermarket trolley for a adrenalin-packed ride around to the taxi rank via Green Square. Into a taxi & into Civic. First stop, Club Mombassa. While I go to the ATM for cash, the guys pretend to be bouncers. I find them next to the merry-go-round in a trolley no less. Back on the trolley and back to Club Mombassa. Two rounds and much dancing later, it's off to Aree Bar at the backpacker place, of course via trolley. Of course it's not 'till we're out of the trolleys that we see the nice AFP crew watching us from over the street. A bit of smartass chat (& close shave with the watchhouse for the night) later & we're in the Aree Bar having blue something-or-others and having some uber-wierd guy telling OJ & I that we were at Quatro's earlier in the night talking to "paula" (shrugs). Not taking 'no' for an answer, he proceeds to throw peanuts at us & come over & start slapping our heads. His girlfriend intervenes before the three of us guys escalate it. Tyson & Jenny leave without OJ, K4 & I. Did I mention my ankle is screwed from being thrown into the garden back in Kingston? So I limp and the other two walk around to the bus interchange, grab some pizza and I bid the others farewell & jump into a cab after calling a few people.

Back to Green Square, the AFP college crew is still at the Durham, and now the new Sydney course is with them. Little did I know that some old QUT people would be among them! A drink of coke, some chatting and dancing later & I take my leave and limp home to write it all up for you, dear reader, and my precious memory, for I shall surely not recall all of this come the morn...

Posted by Dean @ 11/10/2001 02:19:00 am

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