Monday, November 05, 2001

...All you can do is step back in time...

Don't like where the 'net is going? Want to get off & go back to the halcion days when Netscape ruled and Bill Gates wasn't everywhere? Step up to the Wayback Machine.

I got on the 'net in 1994; I bought a motorola 28.8 modem and signed up to the first ISP I laid eyes on, which just happened to be setting up in a cafe around the corner from where I bought the modem in the Brisbane CBD. They've since been assimilated into a bigger ISP, and they always provided me excellent service & tech support. Hold on, too tangential...

I remember BBS', irc before it was taken over by the lil shits, early versions of Netscape, lynx (is that still around?), VRML and the first version of Alphaworld (I hope that's still around, I have a house in there somewhere), when Wired was cool, when 33.6 was so expensive and 56k+ was a fantasy, Pointcast (where did that go?) and the pre-amazon imdb, among other things.

When did you get connected? How many isps / email addresses / irc nicknames have you had? What do you remember? Lets share.

Older times we're missing
Spending the hours reminiscing

Posted by Dean @ 11/05/2001 06:42:00 pm

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