Thursday, November 08, 2001

Hmm, so WAP blogging worked... I doubt I'll be doing it as trying to compose even a single word on a mobile phone keypad takes forever.

Good intentions or Profiteering?

I haven't posted much relating to Sept 11 or the events following, but I think this is worth a mention. Companies are now marketing parachutes as escape alternatives. I'd like to be able to predict that this will fail spectacularly, but knowing there are people who've recently purchased gas masks and other CBR (chem/bio/radiological) protective gear, I'd say this has a chance of making some people some money. But wait there's more ... You don't need any jump training to buy; you get an instructional video.

Kylie 'steps back in time', gets fined

A few days ago I wrote about The Wayback Machine. New Scientist reports that the archives may get into a spot of bother because there may be archived versions of web sites in there that contain copyrighted, illegal (ie kiddie porn) or otherwise sensitive material that have since been pulled off the 'net. My only hope is that big corporate sites don't go threatening litigation to get pages removed to maintain 'corporate image' or just because they can.

So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999...

Yeah I know, we're past 1999, but I couldn't think of another lyric with a party reference.

Summer, the traditional season of parties, approaches!

This weekend D1 and I are hosting our belated housewarming / "d" theme / election day gathering. The BOM is predicting "rain clearing" which hopefully means that it'll be a bit wet overnight, stay fine during the day and then break at night, by which time we'll all be at the pub hopefully, celebrating or commiserating, depending where on the political spectrum you fall.

Next weekend I'll be heading off to Abode. Some smile knowingly, some need an explanation... If you're the former, great, I'll see you there (I'll be the one with the blue hat & matching glowsticks, if I get 'em). For the rest of you, Abode is a going to be a big party being thrown by a bunch of guys I'm lucky enough to be on friendly terms with (Moment of self-doubt: am I cool enough to call this crew friends? Hmm, yes, yes I am) friends with, and I can't wait 'cos it's going to be great fun.

Melbourne's doing it, Brisbane's doing it, even Seattle and Vancouver are doing it, but will Canberra do it? : the online -> 'in real life' meet. I'm pretty sociable, but I think it's a bit soon to be hooking up (there's my 2c worth). Like Dee points out: what you see online isn't necessarily what you'll get in the flesh. Sherry Turkle has written a good book related to this that's worth a read if you're interested: Life On The Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet.

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