Friday, November 09, 2001

White Powder Follies

We managed to waste a few hours away this afternoon with a white powder scare; someone probably spilled some suger over their workspace in a strange coffee accident and a whole floor gets evacuated. Meanwhile, two floors down, people in my division are packing up & running outside. Never mind that the right thing to do is to contain the problem, not spread it further. Then it starts raining. That's the highlight of my day; I got to wear my red safety helmet around for the first time in a real situation, not that I did anything...

I am the Anti-Nana!

I was intending to have a quiet night in before tomorrows party, but as there are going to be two crews out & about & hooking up somewhere in Kingston tonight I've been talked into coming out for a while at least.

So I now have my Jamiroquai: Best of 1993-2001 compilation tape playing to vibe up for tonight, will have a shower soon to get rid of all those post-haircut bits that are left over & you need to shampoo twice to get rid of properly (I hate that remainder crap), get dressed & hit the pub. We're supposedly going to a new bar that's opened up on Kennedy St, so I may have something to write about tomorrow morning if it's any good, or not.

I'll explain the anti-nana thing some other time.

What you gonna do to stop me this time baby? You been tryin' to mess around with my mind baby...
- Main Vein, Jamiroquai

Posted by Dean @ 11/09/2001 06:04:00 pm

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