Sunday, November 04, 2001

You know, a lot of people often ask me "Dean, what do you think of fatagrams?" and now I can tell them "After what I witnessed on Friday night at the pub, I cannot endorse them and remain true to myself". Apparently it was one of the bouncers birthdays during the week, so the bar staff thought they'd have a little public fun I guess.


After breakfast at Silo, I hit Westfields Belco with K2 yesterday as I had nothing better to do & wanted to get out of the house. It occured to me that Athlete's Foot is an unfortunately named company; you don't see hardware stores called Nailgun Injury or fast food outlets called Visible Cellulite and Tooth Cavities...

We'd planned to go to the gym at work during the afternoon, but that didn't eventuate.

Spent the night on the couch watching the rereleased Superman on tv. I hadn't seen Superman since I was a kid; I guess they added a whopping heap of backstory; I dont remember being that bored as a kid.

So far today

Cleaned the apartment
Dubbed tape for K2
Started reading Saturday Sydney Morning Herald
Started reading Return of the King, the third part of Lord of the Rings

I had planned to do a movie write-up and play with Lego CAD, but I'm heading over to a BBQ soon, so I start them later.

Posted by Dean @ 11/04/2001 01:43:00 pm

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