Wednesday, September 03, 2003

L'Homme du Train

The french class had an excursion tonight. We had dinner at Ardeche, where Annabelle instructed the staff not to speak to us in english. We managed to order drinks and our meals without too much hassle, but we did have to refer to a phrasebook so that Cliffy could order his boeuf the way he likes it. I had the Canard a l'orange which was pretty damn good I have to say. I was surprised to find I was the only one in the group (tutor included) who'd ever tried snails, so we all shared a couple of plates of them for entree. After some fun with a jukebox and a pinball machine at Aree Bar it was off to the cinema.

L'Homme du Train is a story about two men who seem to want to experience a bit of life on the road not taken. The retired schoolteacher wants a bit of adventure, while the bank robber seems to want a more regular life, but both seem to recognise that it's now too late in life to change the paths they've taken. The ending provides some good fodder for speculation & discussion.

My advice would be to see this film, but not at the late session after dinner and a few drinks; my concentration and ability to stay awake were tested.

Posted by Dean @ 9/03/2003 11:00:00 pm

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