Friday, April 09, 2004

The Fortnight Wrap-up

"What's going on?" Marvin asked. Well, Mr G, quite a bit actually. While the trolls had their way with the comments system, there were local quakes that've changed the social and domestic landscapes around here.

There's been a cancer scare in my urban family, the fallout from which has been a couple going through some of the grieving steps in fairly rapid order; getting scared & angry and, more recently, working towards acceptance and a way forward. It's all happened so fast that there've been some misunderstandings, arguments and reunions because of reactions that weren't what was expected.

While being out of circulation for a bit was distracting, there were games in play that needed to be played out. I needed to find a suitable housemate, so a lot of the last month or so has been spent advertising, arranging interview times, keeping this place in a good condition to impress and showing potential roomies around & talking with 'em about each of our domestic expectations until I found the right person.

Now The Captain has gone, taking with him his social and hygenic ineptitude. He's made way for MissJ who is quiet, nice & shares my plans for furniture acquisition and hopes of making this apartment into a nice place to be. I spent a lot of time cleaning this place for an inspection that never happened which is disappointing, but on the upside I now have a very clean & tidy place that should be easier to maintain.

A week or so ago I got to be the first special guest star at MissK and the Pawnstar's new Cow & Cues Sunday Afternoon at the Civic pub. A greater forum for the exchange of knowledge, wisdom, mirth and pure funkiness has only been rivalled recently by the 'zilla's return.

I've rediscovered how cool it is to catch up with friends & family far away by phone (rather than via the web, e-mail, or whatever). I've killed a lot of hours talking to my mate Chuckie up in Brisbane about everything & nothing. The other night I spent just over an hour talking to uncles & aunts over the Tasman. Tom, Michael, Ruth & Peter were at the new 549 on the eve of Greg's surprise 50th. That's the good thing about having a huge family - as long as you get the time differences right you can call & there's always someone there to talk about everything & nothing with.

Also on the international front, Cynan's short return to Canberra from the States provided some great catch-up sessions with a mate who can always step up with some good intelligent discussions or some mindless e&n chat. Dinner, movies & Tracktor DJing sessions were hell fun, but Academy was a bit too much like an open audition for Home & Away for my liking. That said, it's a pity 2 Many DJs have postponed their Aussie tour, I would've liked to have gone to that.

And last & least, last weekend I nurtured the inner geek by wandering down to the nerd markets, picking up a new case, mobo, RAM & Athlon 2400+ & built myself a new box. While it's definately not top of the line (only a 2ghz cpu & only 256mb of RAM) it'll run everything I ask it to, including the older games that the Celeron 400mhz box shat itself over. Now it's time to build a Smoothwall 2 box out of the Celeron & throw the P1 smoothwall in the garbage. Once I've put another 256mb of RAM into this box I'll ditch Win98se for XP.

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