Sunday, August 22, 2004

[Life Update] Big weekend the likes of which haven't been seen around here for a while... Was very messy yesterday after a big night Friday. Same old story - mixing drinks never goes well. Kicked off with Candy Bar happy hour cocktails with Cliffy & Lisa, moved on to red wine with dinner with the gang and then Bundy at the pub. It could have gone worse though; Brenton & Snewy were sent to fetch wine for dinner and came back with three different flavours of Passion Pop.

The pub game of the night was Person/Place/Object; someone spun the bottle & then decided on a challenge & a timeframe. T-bone was having a little trouble finding a guy with a middle name of John, but managed to come through with only the cost of a few pints for the participants (which turned out to be free anyway). Tatts was sent to get proof he'd been to Vasco's and caused a bit of concern when he ran the wrong way & was gone longer than he should have been. He returned just as we were about to send out search parties.

Construction out on my street meant I couldn't sleep past 9am Saturday. Got up, showered & dressed & crashed on the couch in front of The Empire Strikes Back. Breakfast at Vie took on a new twist when the second round of coffees were accompanied by a round of flaming sambucca shots. The room spun & I wasn't sure I was going to make the one-block walk home without a lot of deep breathing and rest breaks. The couch welcomed me back for more dozing on my return. There was a nature doco on the ABC about African rainforest that seemed to go on for hours and hours. There were lots of monkeys, which I thought Kat would like, but I couldn't form words so there was no point calling her. When that finished I managed to scrape myself off the couch long enough to put Return of the Jedi on but I didn't see much of it.

Last night saw a gathering at the House of Cheese & Bone for the tri-nations rugby between Australia & South Africa. The pre-match entertainment included a game of Balderdash, a lot of Grand Theft Auto 3 and discussion of musical facts such as the origins of ACDC and the careers of the members of Cold Chisel. Come 1am the loss of the rugby to South Africa was disappointing but not undeserved given the way the Wallabies played. Spent the rest of the night watching the Olympics; headed home around 5.30am.

Tired today. Didn't drink last night so wasn't hungover, managed to get some sleep, then passed on Yum Cha & headed to a disappointing movie. All in all a pretty busy couple of days for a non-pay-week weekend.


Posted by Dean @ 8/22/2004 08:35:00 pm

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