Monday, July 11, 2005

Battlefield 2 is Very Addictive

[Games] When you start getting messages from your close friends asking where you've been & how you are, it's a good sign that you're fairly distracted by something and need to get out more. Between work, excellent birthday dinners & a night out with the boys, I've been playing Battlefield 2.

I picked up Battlefield 2 a couple of weeks ago and given the price of the game and hardware upgrades I had to fork out for to get it to play ok, putting some time in seemed like a good idea. Twenty-seven hours later I've earned two promotions, one weapon unlock (the PKM rocks), three medals and four badges. More on the awards, badges and medals is available here.

I've learnt that I generally do better playing defensively. Finding a good spot to camp and waiting for the red team to wander into my field of fire isn't foolproof (artillery barrages are nasty), but most of the time it does the trick. I've only been in a few games where there was anyone else with an interest in defending bases in any coordinated fashion, so it looks like I'm in the minority.

I've put in some time with the Anti-Tank kit, but at the moment I'm enjoying playing with the Support kit; getting points for resupplying a vehicle just by sitting in it is pretty sweet. I'm also enjoying Commander mode; you can switch to an overhead view to coordinate squads (damn you people who don't join squads), target artillery attacks, launch UAVs and drop supplies to the troops. If you do well and your team wins, it reflects well on your score; if you suck (and I've had some less than fantastic games in command, but then again I've been a grunt with worse Commanders than I) then your teammates can opt for mutiny (I've never had a vote go against me).

Finding a decent game can be hard because the Internode servers are almost always full. Internode have started restricting some servers for players with low pings (mostly aussie players I'd assume) which makes for really good games.

Now that I've dusted off the joystick I'll be putting some time in cockpits of the helicopters and jets. I'm told joystick control is much easier than keyboard & mouse. I hope it is.

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Posted by Dean @ 7/11/2005 11:17:00 pm

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"Twenty-seven hours later I've earned two promotions, one weapon unlock (the PKM rocks), three medals and four badges." - Sounds just like the real US Army!

Posted by Anonymous Tbone @ Wednesday, July 13, 2005 8:34:00 am #
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